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British Values


British Values at Fairfield

At Fairfield Community Primary School, we promote and uphold the fundamental British Values of:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.

We take advantage of opportunities throughout the curriculum to develop pupils understanding of the values and concepts above, and those important to our pupils and local community. We achieve this through our curriculum, assemblies, activities, discussions in teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities and within day to day school life. 

Through our teaching, pupils gain understanding of the values that underpin the privileges, rights, responsibilities and duties of citizenship.  We equip our children with the knowledge, skills to make a positive contribution to the harmony of our local and national community.

Our teaching of the values prepares children for life in modern Britain, a population with a rich diversity of origins, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and cultures by promoting the values on which our society has been built. 

Our commitment to uphold the fundamental British Values develops responsibility within our children and cohesiveness within our school and community.



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Rule of Law - Year 5

Inspired by Banksy

The canvas to represent the British Value ‘Rule of Law’ was created by the children in Year 5.

It was designed to show how Fairfield children and society are protected by the different layers of the law and order system, with ‘justice’ being the outcome that all work to achieve.

Our school rules and behaviour system are an example of the Rule of Law.

Learning began with exploration of the terms ‘law’ and ‘order’, what these terms mean and why they are deemed of high importance in Britain. Word-maps were developed to explore and understand words connected with the terms law and order.

Inspiration for the canvas design came from Banksy, the anonymous British graffiti artist.  Children drew inspiration from examples of his work and explored different fonts demonstrated in stencil and graffiti styles. Children used these styles to create the mind-map words for the backdrop of the canvas.

Through exploration, children developed skills to create stencil-style images of the different layers of law and order (judges, lawyers/ barristers, police).  Painting techniques were used to add colour to these images along with a similar image of the 'Justice' statue, which is has pride of place outside the Old Bailey. Attention to detail was used to match appropriate colours to match Banksy's style, writing in different lettering styles, and using shading to create depth.

A range of media was used including different thicknesses of pen for the lettering, computer graphics for stencil images and paint.

The final piece was assembled using cardboard to effectively demonstrate the different layers of protection we are fortunate to have as a result of our fundamental British Value of Law and Order.


Mutual Respect - Year 1 / 2

Inspired by Romero Britto

The canvas to represent the British Value ‘Mutual Respect’ was created by the children in Year 1 and 2.

Mutual respect is understanding that we do not all share the same beliefs and values.  It is respecting the values, ideas and beliefs of others whilst not imposing our own.

The canvas was created to deliver the message of respect for all and the world in which we live.   If all lived by this and showed respect, the world would be a bright, happy place just like the artwork created on the ‘Mutual Respect’ canvas.

Africa Class took inspiration from the bold, modern, colourful art created by the famous artist Romero Britto. Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work, using vibrant colours and bold patterns.  His artistic style is inspired by his love for life, hope, dreams and happiness.  Here at Fairfield, our school motto is ‘Happiness and High Standards’ therefore Africa decided that this artist would be the perfect choice on which to base their work when creating their canvas.

 The learning journey began by researching Romero Britto and admiring the different works he created.  Africa class drew inspiration from this and recreated their own pieces in the style of Britto through drawings, paintings and using a range of media such as oil pastels. To develop skills further, children utilised the graphics software ‘2 Paint’ to create bright and bold patterns in the style of Britto

 The canvas was created to deliver the message of respect for all and the world in which we live.   If all lived by this motto and showed respect, the world would be a bright, happy place just like the artwork created on the ‘Mutual Respect’ canvas.


Individual Liberty - Year 3/4

Inspired by L.S.Lowry

The canvas to represent the British Value ‘Individual Liberty’ was created by the children in Year 3/4 based on a piece called ‘A Village Square’ (1943).

Liberty means freedom and the right to believe, act or express oneself freely.  We are very lucky in Britain that we have freedom.  In many countries people are fearful of expressing their opinions.

Inspiration was taken from the local artist Laurence Stephen Lowry.  The learning journey began by researching the areas on which he based his paintings and discovering how close these are to our town of Bury. Children looked at the industrial landscapes and mills that existed in the North West of England during that time and similarities were observed between some of Lowry’s most popular works.

Through the learning process, children looked at the key colours used in his work – Ivory Black, Vermilion (red), Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre and Flake White. The background of the canvas was designed to use the same colours and industrial theme of the Lowry’s work. To create this, children used a range of media such as, tea, coffee, charcoal, pencil, watercolours and oil pastels. Although the original was recreated, you may also spot a church, mosque, synagogue and Fairfield School amongst the mills and factories!

Drawing techniques were developed to create ‘matchstick men’ whilst listening to the famous song ‘Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk cats and dogs’. Children compiled a list of the ways we are free to live in this country to learn, work and follow our dreams. These ideas were then demonstrated through drawing.  Colourful, unique and bright matchstick men were created so that they could stand out and highlight the significance of our values and the beauty of our differences.

CHALLENGE! Can you spot… A female scientist, elderly man going to university, a Christian, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Jew , a Hindu, a Rastafarian, traditional dress from different cultures, L.S Lowry in his own painting and Mr Ashley sporting a Top Cat tie!


Democracy - EYFS

Inspired by Samual Price

The canvas to represent the British Value ‘Democracy’ was created by the children in the Foundation Stage.

The final piece strikingly displays the theme democracy through depicting the Houses of Parliament, London.  It highlights the fundamental principle of democracy as allowing people to participate in decisions that affect their daily lives, which is what the children of the foundation stage experienced when creating this canvas.

Through a sequence of lessons, the children developed their understanding of democracy by learning to vote.  This was introduced through a voting system, which was used during the daily routine. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed experiencing their right to vote and this included voting on the end of the day story and ideas for ‘Friday Treat’.

The children collaboratively used the technique of collage to create the canvas.  Inspiration was taken from the artist Samual Price who uses photo-montage to create collage prints from a photograph. 


Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs - YEAR 2 / 3

Inspired by Henri Matisse

The canvas to represent the British Value ‘Tolerance’ was created by the children in our Year 2/3 class.

 The children began their learning journey by exploring the meaning of ‘Tolerance’. Tolerance is valuing difference, understanding different cultures, beliefs, opinions, traditions and the ways in which we can demonstrate tolerance in their own lives. We are proud to be a multi-cultural school.

Inspiration was drawn from the famous French artist Henri Matisse.  Matisse was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter and admired for his use of colour.

The idea of using children’s handprints was developed by the children as a way to demonstrate this fundamental British Value.  The handprints were covered with religious symbols through the technique of collage to send a powerful message of respect and tolerance for all faiths and beliefs.

The lettering for the word ‘LOVE’ was decorated using decoupage skills to cover and transform the letters using a range of materials. This is proudly displayed across the canvas to demonstrate the message of ‘love and tolerance’ for all.  The canvas was created to demonstrate that Fairfield children are knowledgeable and understanding citizens, living in a culturally diverse society, who can be part of a better Britain for the future.