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Design and Technology


To be an expert I need to ... think like a designer, talk like a designer and act like a designer.

Curriculum Intent for Design and Technology

At Fairfield Community Primary School, it is our aim to instil a love of Design and Technology in all our children and provide an education which will prepare children to engage in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. We work hard to offer an irresistible and varied curriculum that both interests, intrigues and inspires our children while meeting the needs of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

The National Curriculum is the starting point for us and is taught through a project-based approach. Opportunities for cross-curricular links to other subjects are highlighted giving a meaningful context for the learning. Teachers make it explicit to children that they are learning designing skills and that they are being ‘Designers’.


We aim to build upon the child’s imagination, curiosity and creativity to bring their ideas to life. We enable the development of skills, understanding and knowledge progressively to encourage our children to become capable, confident problem solvers.  Through our teaching, we encourage children to take risks, think critically, question and think innovatively about the world around them by building skills and knowledge through taught sequences.  This will allow them to develop resilience and foster enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose in designing and making. Exploration and research allows them to evaluate past and present design and technology and the ways that these have influenced modern society.  This develops a greater understanding and knowledge of the world and their place in it allowing them to have a more critical approach to their own designs and creations.  It also encourages children to make links with other fields of learning.


From the beginning of EYFS to the end of KS2, our curriculum is based on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and vocabulary with a focus on children knowing more and remembering more. Clear progression within and across year groups, as demonstrated in the progression grid, allows children to revisit, recap and build on prior learning helping them to embed skills and knowledge. This allows our children to develop the knowledge, understanding and interest, now referred to as “cultural capital”.  It will help them to be successful designers at high school and beyond; to become informed future consumers and potential innovators as well as developing their potential as citizens of the wider world.


Design and Technology Policy

Progression Document for Design and Technology