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Penguins Year 3

Welcome to Penguins Class. On this page we will share the exciting things we learn about, the places we go and the events we take part in. Key information about the curriculum can also be found on the Curriculum Overview page. 

School starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm.   

Our door is via the main path on the playground by the goat pen.

P.E Days - Tuesday and Thursday (plain black shorts or joggers, plain white T shirt, school jumper or cardigan, sensible trainers)

Homework - Times Table Rockstars (15 games), Spelling Shed (2 lists - 5 games each), Maths Shed (Quiz) (1 quiz)


Welcome to Year Three.


Our class teacher is Mrs Goff and we also have Mrs Doran, Mrs Rowlands and Mrs Testa who help us with our learning. We take great pride in our learning and we work extremely hard every day to achieve our very best. We have an exciting, action-packed curriculum which enables us to improve our Maths, English and Reading but also to become geographers, historians, artists, designers, musicians and scientists. Our school motto is “Happiness and High Standards” and we look forward to working in partnership with parents to ensure that every one of our children leaves us as a happy, well rounded, hardworking individual who strives to do their best in everything they do. We thank you for the invaluable support we know you will provide with this.



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Previous Learning in Year 3


Our Class river is the Mississippi in North America. We found out all about the parts of the river and created our own river using plasticine. Do you like them?


Our new project is called Predator! To begin our topic we invited in Wayne who runs a sanctuary for injured birds of prey. He brought four different types of owl and a harris hawk. We had a brilliant afternoon learning all about these incredible creatures. It was particularly exciting when Wayne flew the barn own through a tunnel that we made with our hands. Most of the birds were well behaved...


We really did not want this project to end! Here are some photographs of us making our own stone age tools and our theatre workshop with Alison from Freshwater Theatre. We had great fun going back in time to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Sweet Success!

We had great fun designing and making a new sweet. We had to think about what it would look like, how it might taste and who it was for. We then made our sweets out of clay, painted and glazed them. The finishing touch was when we made packaging for our sweet. We used the net of  a cuboid to make our boxes and then wrote the name of the sweet, the price and even a bar code. Have a look at our finished results!

Master Chefs for the Day!

To celebrate the start of our new topic, children in Antarctica became "Master Chefs" for the day! We designed hats with our favourite foods on and then made our own pizzas. Have a look at our photos...

Mud Pie Fun!

What an exciting Monday morning we had! We read instructions for how to make a mud pie and then got very excited when we found out we could make our own! We had to listen to our partner and follow their instructions to help us make our pies. Some of us chose to decorate our pies with leaves and twigs, whilst others chose to dig for worms! We had such a good time and our writing that we did on Tuesday proves just how much we learnt!


We have been learning about lots of different animals, including us as humans. As part of this topic Ranger Rob and Animal Ash came into school and shared lots of different animals with the children. Some children even held the tarantula on their head!!!

Florence Nightingale

In our topic we learnt about some famous women including Florence Nightingale. Freshwater Theatre came in to school and did a drama session with Kenya class. The children learnt a lot about Florence's life, her journey to the Crimean War and how she changed nurses and hospitals. 

French Day

To celebrate European Languages Day, in KS1 we looked at some famous French landmarks, learnt a french song and tasted French food.

Learning About Kenya

We are Kenya class and we have been learning all about different aspects of Kenya. We've looked at the country, some famous people and their food, clothes and housing. We tasted lots of different fruits that could be found in Kenya. 

Hugh Templeton - Watercolour Artist

On one very special Tuesday, a special visitor came to our school. He was an artist who taught us how to paint with watercolour. This was something we hadn't ever tried before and looked really difficult. Actually, we all turned out to be artists!

Fruit Kebabs

Who doesn't like a fruit kebab? We learnt how to make them and even added a treat of melted chocolate! We also wrote instructions for how to make these so anyone can have a go. 


To observe how plants grow, we planted runner beans. Firstly, we made a greenhouse with some damp cotton wool. We checked on our beans every day to see how they were growing. When the beans had grown big enough, we planted them in compost. 

Egg Sandwiches

We all know our chickens, Henrietta, Rosie and Rainbow. We were looking after them and collecting eggs. We decided that along with our cress we would make egg sandwiches. We had great fun!

Cress Heads

During our Growth and Green Fingers topic, we have been doing lots of different planting and observing how they grow. Check out our cress heads!

Do you want to build a robot?

We have been learning about body parts. We have looked at the body parts of humans, animals and now ROBOTS! We all designed our own and then make it using junk modelling. We tried to think of how we could make different body parts for our robots using things like boxes and bottles and a lot of sellotape!

Toys - Past and Present

This term we have been learning about the past and present through toys. To get us started, Alison came to visit us from Freshwater Theatre. We had four 'rooms' to visit in the Toy Museum. We visited different types of teddy bears where learnt about Theodore Roosevelt when he was out hunting. It is thought that since he saved a baby bear, this is why we call them 'Teddy' bears. We also saw lots of different types of dolls and moving toys. Finally, we invented our own toys with different moving parts and features.

The Great Fire of London

Freshwater Theatre came to visit this week to deliver a drama session. This gave us a WOW start to our topic, 'Fire, Fire!'. We put on our imagination hats and travelled back in time to the 1665 to find out about what London was like with the plague. We learnt all about London in the 1600s, how the fire started and Samuel Pepys and his diary. What an amazing experience to learn all that information through a drama session!

Learning with the Life Bus

This week we had a special visitor come and visit our class to help us learn about ourselves and our feelings. We met Tam the doll who helped us to learn about our parts of the body and how they work. We were especially interested in the Brain and how that helps us to learn. We also met Harold the giraffe who taught us ways of being kind to our friends. His friend Kiki was upset that she had been left out of a party so we spoke to her on the phone to give her advice of how to manage her feelings. 

Online Safety

Africa have been learning how to stay safe when sharing pictures online. We looked at a picture a girl had shared and wrote emails to her helping her to be safer online. These emails tell her some things we shouldn't share online because they are personal. This could be our phone number, address or birthday. We need to make sure that when sharing pictures they are to our friends and family. Here are some of the emails we wrote. 

Warburtons Visit Fairfield

Whilst learning how to write instructions, Africa were visited by Warburtons to find out some history about the company and make their own sandwich. Everyone was involved - even Mr Ashley! Take a look at our gallery to see us dressed up and eating our sandwiches. 

Helmshore Textile Museum

We kick started the year with a trip alongside our topic of 'There's No Place Like Home'. This year we decided to learn about local mill towns with Bury inventor John Kay at the heart of it. 

Alicja wrote - 'I liked the part of our trip where we went on a walk and learnt about new things. I found out that William Turner, the mill owner, owned the pubs, the shops, the church, the train station, the houses and the baths.' 

Olivia also enjoyed the trip, especially the link with John Kay - 'I enjoyed learning about John Kay. He built the flying shuttle. Did you know that someone stole his idea and he didn't get any money for it. He ran away to France and died there'.