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Year 1

Welcome to Zambezi's page. On this page we will share the exciting things we learn about, the places we go and the events we take part in. Key information about the curriculum can also be found on the Curriculum Overview page. 

Teacher: Mrs Carlson 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Whealing, Mrs Giga, Mrs Trueman

Continuous Provision Manager: Mrs Howard




Start Time – 8.50am  MAIN ENTRANCE

Finish Time – 2.50pm   MAIN ENTRANCE

P.E Day – Thursday

Summer 2 2021 - Dinosaur Planet



Autumn 2020

Our project is ‘Bright Lights, Big City’.


This project teaches children about England’s capital city.  The children will learn all about London, including its history, transport, famous landmarks, physical geography and how it compares to where we live.  We will learn all about the Great Fire of London through exploring a range of historical sources, stories and timelines.  


  • In English, we will enjoy stories set in London and gather inspiration from these to plan and write our own London adventure narratives.  We will learn to read, follow and write our own instructions for how to make bread rolls just like the ones that would have been sold on Pudding Lane in 1666.  We will listen to and read non-fiction books about the Great Fire of London and explore the layout features of this text-type.  We will learn to recognise features such as headings, sub-headings, illustrations, photographs, labels and captions.  In addition, we will listen to the story of ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’, one of Aesop’s Fables, and write character descriptions highlighting the differences between the two characters.
  • In Mathematics, we will learn to count, sort and represent objects and use one-to-one correspondence to start to compare groups.  We will learn how to find one more and one less than a number and become confident at counting forwards and backwards.  We will learn our number bonds for all numbers to 10, how to recall number bonds systematically and represent these in different ways.  In addition, we will learn about addition and subtraction and use these symbols to write and solve mathematical calculations.
  • In Geography, we will identify the countries that make up the United Kingdom and look on a map to see how they are connected. We will use basic geographical vocabulary to identify and describe the physical features of London and Bury.  We will identify the similarities and differences between the two places by looking at size, amenities, transport and location.
  • In History, we will learn all about the events of 1666.  We will create a timeline that shows the chronology of events associated with the Great Fire of London.  We will use vocabulary such as first, then, next, after that, and finally to talk about our ideas and begin to order information chronologically.
  • In Design and Technology, we will begin our learning by exploring and evaluating a range of wheeled products such as toys and everyday objects.  We will explore wheels and axles and use construction kits to create our own. We will then design, make and evaluate a moving vehicle that you would find on the streets on London. 
  • In Computing, we will search for and retrieve digital content, including images and information, with supervision.  We will visit the official website of The Royal Family and take a virtual tour around the rooms of Buckingham Palace. 

Key Questions


Can you label the four countries of the United Kingdom?


Can you name six famous London landmarks?


What happened on Pudding Lane in 1666?


Star Bakers!

We have been learning how to read, write and follow instructions to make bread rolls, just like Thomas Farriner may have had for sale in his Pudding Lane bakery in 1666. Our rolls were delicious too! Have a look at some of our fantastic photos! 

A Royal Tea Party


To launch our ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ project we received a special invitation to a ‘Royal Afternoon Tea’ where we enjoyed cakes, crafts and games with a VERY special visitor….Her Majesty The Queen!

Out and About Day


Here at Fairfield we are so lucky to have such wonderful school grounds to enjoy.  We loved exploring the 'Great Outdoors' by planting seeds, making bird feeders, crayon rubbings and journey sticks.  It was so much fun and we used the day to inspire our 'Out and About' poems.


Dinosaur Skeleton Craft

As part of our 'Friday Fun', Asia enjoyed creating dinosaur skeletons using art straws.  

Dig, Dig, Dig

Asia enjoyed hands on experience of digging for fossils this week which required much concentration! We loved using tools to discover dinosaur bones buried deep inside a mysterious rock which we found in the classroom. 

Dinosaur Planet

Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl! They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth.

In Asia class we will be exploring the Dinosaur Planet! We will imagine we are palaeontologists and digging deep to discover dazzling dinosaur facts. 

Our topic all began when we had an unexpected visitor in our school. If you feel brave enough, take a look at our 'Dangerous Footage'...

Bright Lights, Big City

Throughout the Autumn term, Asia have been learning about our capital city, London, through our topic Bright Lights, Big City.  We have enjoyed exploring the famous landmarks, types of transport, its locality and geographical features.  We also enjoyed taking a step back in time to learn about the history of London, in particular, The Great Fire of London. 

The Great Fire of London

We spent a wonderful afternoon with Freshwater Theatre Company who used a range of drama and dance techniques to bring the streets of London in 1666 to life! We thoroughly enjoyed experiencing London in 1666 and recreating life in Pudding Lane.  We created the sights and sounds of a London market and used our bodies to become the fire as it grew and spread throughout the city.  We also met the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, and debated the rebuilding of the city.

London's Burning, London's Burning......Wow! What an experience!  Following working as teams to make houses in the style of homes from 1666 we then created our very own Pudding Lane by lining the houses up in our school grounds. The teachers then re-created the Great fire of London using these houses.  It was amazing to see how quickly the fire spread and get a glimpse of what it may have been like for the people of London all those years ago.  

Our Autumn Walk

We have been learning about seasonal changes and enjoyed a walk in the local area to spot signs of Autumn.  We used our senses to describe what we could see, hear, smell and touch.  We saw lots of colourful crispy leaves, bare branches and even heard rustling leaves and tweeting birds in the trees.  The children loved using their senses to explore the changes they could see right on our doorstep.  Have a look at some of our photos below!

Conservatory Fun!

In Asia Class we are extremely lucky to have access to continuous provision in the Conservatory.  This is expertly managed by Miss Hegarty, who ensures we can enjoy our learning through a range of fun, creative and rewarding challenges which build on what we learnt in the classroom from the previous week. Have a look at some of our pictures from the Autumn term.


Bonfire Night 

For our Friday treat we enjoyed creating Bonfire Night pictures.  We ripped up brown paper to create the logs on the fire, used our hands to create hand print flames and forks to create interesting firework patterns in the sky.  To round off a fantastic afternoon we then made edible sparklers. They were delicious!

African Drumming

To celebrate the end of Black History Month we enjoyed a visit from an African drumming teacher.  We learnt how to drum to a beat, sing songs and dance.  It was lots of fun!

Ranger Rob

Our Autumn topic is called 'Animals R Us'.  Through this topic we arranged a visit from Ranger Rob.  He came to our school and brought a selection of wild and wonderful animals for us to explore.   We all had the chance to hold the different creatures, let them climb on our school jumpers and even sit on our heads! It was very exciting and lots of fun!

European Day of Languages


We had lots of fun celebrating European Day of Languages! We celebrated by visiting different classrooms in Key Stage 1.  In Mexico we learnt a french song about an elephant balancing on a spider's web, in Australia we made and looked at French landmarks and in Kenya we tasted different French foods. Have a look at us tasting brioche, crepes and baguette.



Florence Nightingale 

We enjoyed a fun-filled morning with the Freshwater Theatre Company.  Florence Nightingale came to life in front of our eyes and taught us all about what life was like as a nurse during the Crimean War.  We enjoyed learning about her family, her travels and how she became a nurse.  Florence told us all about how she helped to improve hospitals for soldiers and we even had fun pretending to be nurses ourselves! 

2017 - 2018

Plants, Plants, Plants!

Our topic this half term is called 'Growth and Green Fingers'.  We have enjoyed exploring our school grounds investigating the different plants we have here at Fairfield and identifying the features of plants.  We have also become green fingered ourselves and planted seeds to grow our own lettuce and tomatoes.  We can't wait to try them!

Fairfield Farm

Throughout the year we have had many opportunities to care for and enjoy the chickens and the goats we have at our school.  We ensure that they have food and water daily and help to clean out their enclosure.  We love to pet the animals and enjoy having them at our school.  

Bikeability was 'Wheelie' Good Fun!

The children of Asia class learnt vital basic safety skills and had great fun when they enjoyed a day of basic bicycle training run by the National Cycling Association.  The children learned how to use brakes and how to balance without stabilisers before the playground was turned into a pretend highway.  They learned skills they will use once they are riding larger bikes on real roads.  

World Book Day 2018

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters and bringing in our favourite book to share with our friends.  Later in the day we read our books to children from Arctic Foxes.  

Online Safety

The whole school have worked on the theme 'Online Safety'. The computing skill we focused on in Asia was to 'capture a still image'. We used the app 'Photo Booth' to capture and distort our image. This taught us that we cannot believe everything we see online, we now know that pictures can be changed.

2016 - 2017

Finding out about Asia

In Year One we have been looking at the different countries of Asia.  Looking at globes and fact cards we have researched the different animals and which countries they come from.