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Happiness and High Standards

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Mixed Age Classes

Our school is extremely popular and always over subscribed. This is a problem because our Published Admission Number (PAN) is for 35 pupils per year group. This is too large for a school where quality feedback to children through marking and individual surgeries is our key teaching and learning tool. At KS1 where classes legally have to be below 30, we have always formed 3 classes for the 2 year groups (Y1 and Y2). We decide on the make up of each class using different criteria each year depending on what our self evaluation tells us is the best way to ensure each child makes maximum progress and will be happy. For 2019/20 this has been done based on mainly on ability. The classes are named after continents so that we don't get children being told they have been "kept down".

All of our KS1 children enjoy access to our new conservatory, which is a continuous provision area where they can continue with key developmental learning through play. This is gradually phased out as children develop from the stage of "concrete" to "formative" operations.

At KS2 we have been forced to keep to classes of 35 with appeals for places sometimes taking numbers to 38. In 2019 our mixed KS2 classes have been formed based on ability, with some special consideration for children with special needs taken into account.

Asia is a pure Y1 class of 30 children.
Africa is a mixed class with 5 Y1 children, along with 25 Y2 children.
Antarctica is a mixed class with 12 Y2 children, along with 18 Y3 children.
North America is a mixed class with 19 Y3 children, along with 12 Y4 children.
Oceania is a mixed class with 25 Y4 children, along with 2 Y5 children.
South America is a pure Y5 class of 31 children.
Europe is a pure Y6 class of 34 children.

Bury LA has taken note of our concerns about these high numbers within a building not designed for modern teaching methods and our PAN has been reduced to 30 from September 2019. This will take some time to filter through.

We greatly value the experiences based on literature for our non core curriculum and so the whole school now follows the Cornerstones Curriculum as published on this website and the areas of study based on those of the older age group for each class with teachers given the complex task of differentiating work for the younger children. As always, our aim is for Happiness, High Standards and maximum progress.

English and Topic

An overview of our Topic curriculum for each year group. 

Please note that due to mixed classes, most classes work on a rolling topic with Year A and Year B. 

Although our Topic Overview (above) covers much of the curriculum, we cover P.E., R.E., PSHE and Computing through other curriculums. 

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 Curriculum P.E. year overview.pdfDownload
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English and Maths

For more information about the National Curriculum for English and Maths please see the links below. 

Phonics and Reading information can be found in our Reading and Phonics Policy

 Curriculum - English.pdfDownload
 Curriculum - Mathematics.pdfDownload
 Reading Policy.pdfDownload
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Early Years Curriculum

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If you wish to find about more information about the curriculum being covered at Fairfield, please make an appointment at the main office to speak to a teacher or subject leader.