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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards

Reading is the key learning and life skill. The fact that our children can change their books and practise every day has played an important part in children going through school and achieving results 9% above national levels. Much more importantly, it means children being able to enjoy the wonderful world of books and use their skills when they come to write. As the lockdown means that we cannot do a book swap, we have used government catch up funding to buy READING EGGS. This provides books at the same levels for each child that we provide in school and can be continued even when we are all back together.


Mrs Goff has provided a special guide which is below. 

Starting Off: Once you have got the log in, the system starts with a “Placement Test” to see which level of books to give to each child before they choose from the collection.

Can you help? It is vital that you do not help while children do the placement test. We know that it is tempting to be supportive but for this one activity it would be harmful: the child will be given books that are too hard, will get frustrated and will not enjoy reading. Once the children are using the books, do please help, it is very useful to share and enjoy them together.