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Computers and technology are a part of everyday life for people in all lines of work in our country. The speed with which this is transforming the world we live in is accelerating continually. At Fairfield C.P. School, it is our intent to prepare our children for a world we cannot yet see, where technology is an integral part of everyone’s daily working, social and family life. Use of ICT resources is embedded into our school lives, encouraging a natural, fear-free affinity with technology, and a passion and awe for the possibilities that this learning opens up for them.

A Fairfield computing expert understands that the foundation of all learning in computing is safety. Using technology and the internet in a manner that is both safe and kind, and also with an understanding of etiquette and what may be of risk, is fundamental to all other work. This is reinforced at the beginning of every school computing lesson, with school rules and device settings to ensure children understand its importance.

Technology has revolutionised the creative world, and at Fairfield, we ensure our tech creatives understand the principles and techniques used to create digital media of all kinds. Creating and editing video, editing photographs, creating art, and even stop-motion animation are all covered in our broad-ranging curriculum.

Fairfield programmers learn what algorithms are, and how they can create their own to achieve specific goals. This begins by creating sets of simple instructions or directions in Key Stage 1, but develops to programming their own games via 2code or Scratch in Key Stage 2. By applying logic, children use sophisticated routines to solve design problems.

It is vital that all of our children are computer literate, and have the range of skills that will prepare them for the next stage of education and the future world of work. At Fairfield, our broad and deep curriculum ensures that pupils have the tools they will need.

Whole School Curriculum Overview