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Happiness and High Standards


Polar Bears Year 6

Welcome to Polar Bears Class. On this page we will share the exciting things we learn about, the places we go and the events we take part in. Key information about the curriculum can also be found on the Curriculum Overview page.

School opens at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm.

P.E. Days - Monday and Tuesday (plain black shorts or joggers, plain white T shirt, school jumper or cardigan, sensible trainers)

Homework - Times Table Rockstars (15 games), Spelling Shed (2 lists - 5 games each), Maths Shed (Quiz) (1 quiz) 

Welcome to Year 6

We are the positive POLAR BEARS! We see the positive in everything.

Our class teacher is Mrs Stuckey and we also have Mrs Harrison and Mrs Oghagbon who helps us with our learning every day. We take great pride in our learning and we work extremely hard every day to achieve our very best. We have an exciting, action-packed curriculum which enables us to improve our Maths, English and Reading but also to become geographers, historians, artists, designers, musicians and scientists. Our school motto is “Happiness and High Standards” and we look forward to working in partnership with parents to ensure that every one of our children leaves us as a happy, well rounded, hardworking individual who strives to do their best in everything they do. We thank you for the invaluable support we know you will provide with this.

Polar Bear's Long Term Learning Plan
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This Year's Learning 2023-2024

Previous Learning in Year 6

Sponsor a Polar Bear

We raised over £90 for the WWF by selling pre-loved books and handmade bookmarks.

PSHE and Wellbeing

Giving & Receiving Compliments and Discussing Dilemas

Science - Adaptation 

Hunt the Caterpillar and Survival of the Fittest


Voting for our Young Leaders

Making our Clay Polar Bears

Comparing the Polar Regions

Enjoying Reading Together

Miracle on the Hudson

At the start of our school year we studied the Hudson River. As part of our learning, we headed outside and moved around our playground to re-enact the landing of the plane on the Hudson River. On the 15th January 2009, Captain Sullenberger's quick actions saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew. 

On 'Feel Good Friday' we enjoyed designing paper planes and trying to 'land' them on our 'river'.

Our Amazing Icebergs

Micah Richards

Year 6 were  privileged to have a very special meeting (on TEAMS) with Manchester City and England footballer Micah Richards. He chatted with the class and answered our many questions. 

Thank you Micah and Manchester City, it was a very special afternoon.

Frozen Kingdom

"Mrs Stuckey brought in a massive iceberg and all of the class tried different experiments on it." - Paige

"When we held the ice at the start, it felt like putting your hands into a freezer." - Aliya

"It was very unusual when the ice floated. I thought it was going to sink because it was so heavy." - Ella

"I enjoyed it when Miss poured the salt on the ice and the ice melted faster." - Megan

"We put some salt on the iceberg in the water. I loved seeing the bubbles from the salt." - P

"I noticed that when salt touches ice it crackles." - Lacey-Mai

"It was satisfying when the salt was popping on the ice. It sounded like popping candy." - G

"It was wonderful to take photos of the ice in the water." - Kai

Year 6 Able Maths Day


Survival Art


Winmarleigh Hall

Winmarleigh Hall is an Outdoor Activity Centre which Year 6 children from Fairfield visit every year.  This year, the children enjoyed participating in the following activities: Archery, Zip Wire, Giant Swing, PGLTV, Challenge Course, Problem Solving, Low Ropes and Disco.  We hope you'll enjoy seeing some of the photographs from the trip. 



Online Safety

In year six, we have been studying visual media. We used iMovie and Pic Collage to create a presentation about staying safe on social media. In our iMovies, we used photographs which we downloaded from a safe search engine called Kidrex. We combined photos with cool sound effects and some groups even shot a video or used their own voice over.

We talked about social media and how children are using it before the recommended age. For example, to go on YouTube you must be 18 or you must have a parent sat with you whenever you use it. To use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat you must be at least 13 years of age. For WhatsApp, you should be 16 years old. If you use Snapchat, you should use ghost mode to hide your location and keep yourself safe. Despite this, we found out that most of our class are already using social media under age. We need to make sure that we are using it in an appropriate way.

Social media is changing all the time. Only this week, Elivia-Mae found an app called Omegle. She realised it was dangerous because it allows you to message and video chat with strangers. She wanted to warn the class because she knew it wasn’t suitable for anyone under 18.

We also spoke about cyber bullying. You must tell somebody first if you are being bullied online then save the messages as proof. If you don’t tell anyone, it could get worse. But if you tell somebody, you’ll know that they are there to help and sort out the problem.

We all made an iMovie to warn other children about the dangers of social media. We watched each other’s films, they were all very different. Here are a small sample of them.

Hunt The Caterpillar!

In science, Year 6 studied 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We began with the idea that natural selection happens because the fittest survive and others adapt. Year 6 tested this using pieces of wool to represent caterpillars and pretended to be the predators (the birds). The dark coloured caterpillars were noticed first.

"I think this was because they were not camouflaged. Most of the light coloured creatures (camouflaged) escaped. These traits will survive and be passed down."