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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards



At Fairfield, our primary aim is to increase children’s confidence, enjoyment and ability in communication, reading and writing with a committed focus on improving vocabulary and giving children first hand opportunities and experiences that they may otherwise miss out on. We see our first role as enabling children to communicate successfully by teaching and modelling appropriate and ambitious vocabulary to enable them to communicate their thoughts and ideas succinctly. We encourage a child’s first language to be fully developed in their home and support the learning of English whilst at school.

We recognise that competence in reading is a key life skill and central to all learning. We therefore ensure that reading is given the highest priority in school. We strive to teach children to become fluent, confident readers who are able to successfully decode, comprehend and enjoy a wide range of texts. We want children to develop and sustain a love of reading through an established culture throughout the school where reading is highly regarded by all. We aim to provide high quality texts, using a range of schemes, authors and genres, to help children to develop a better understanding about the world in which we live.

We have ensured that our curriculum is well-sequenced and builds upon previous knowledge and skills as our children move through school. We promote a love of writing, giving purpose to what we write and encouraging children to write spontaneously and for enjoyment.

Ultimately, we strive for our children to develop a passion for English so that they are fully prepared for the next step on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.

Reading and Phonics Policy

Our current phonics scheme is Supersonic Phonic Friends.

We use a variety of different reading schemes to give our learners a broad experience of reading. These include; Collins Big Cat, Rigby Rockets, Rigby Star, Oxford Reading Tree, Phonics Bug, Project x and  Dandelion Readers - Phonics.