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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards



To be an expert I need to ... think like a musician, talk like a musician and perform like a musician.


At Fairfield C.P. School, our curriculum is designed to encourage musical development such that pupils leave with the confidence to explore creatively throughout their lives. It is our intent to nurture aspirations, providing children with a much wider view of what they can achieve in their adult lives, and, more importantly, the value that their own unique skills, interests and culture will bring to it. Music is a key part of daily school life, encouraged and celebrated to make learning an irresistible and awe-inspiring activity within school.

A Fairfield musician develops appreciation through knowledge, history and evaluation of a wide range of quality music. Through these activities, performance and composition, we promote skill, creativity and inspiration whilst developing a wide range of new vocabulary. It is our aim to develop musicians who are confident when expressing their own creative voice, and can debate and discuss in order to work effectively in groups. We also aim to promote British values by making cultural links between musical elements in topic work, and by exposing children to a broad range of music from our country’s rich and varied cultural tapestry.

Above all, it is our intent that musical knowledge stays with children, so that a love of music follows children through their lives, and equips them to approach their adult lives with a high degree of creativity and resilience.