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To be an expert I need to ... think like an historian, talk like an historian and act like an historian.


At Fairfield Community Primary School, it is our aim to instil a passion in our children to develop an attitude of enquiry and a passion for finding out how we used to live. As understanding grows this will develop into a realisation of how the past has shaped the society we live in today. By ensuring we deliver a curriculum that embraces both the historical narrative of the British Isles and the development of mankind across the wider world, we will fire the natural craving of our children to investigate, explore and understand. The National Curriculum provides a framework for us to deliver a topic based approach to the delivery of History. Our delivery will aim to ensure that children continue to develop and reinforce the investigative and evaluative skills needed for them to be active ‘Young Historians’.

Embedded in the best delivery of History are a wealth of opportunities for cross-curricular links to other subjects.  It is our clear intent to embrace this opportunity to further our children’s love of History and to support parallel and complementary knowledge acquirement and skills development in other curriculum areas. The opportunities are wide ranging and entirely encompassing, from the emergence of art as a method of record keeping to the use of key mathematical concepts of geometry by the Ancient Greeks. Our curriculum structure will continuously aim to provide context to learning.

Children will be aware that they are developing investigative and evaluative skills and that they are ‘Young Historians’. We aim to build upon the child’s existing Historical knowledge and expand and refine this to ensure all children, irrespective of ability, social setting or barriers to learning, are able to embrace and enjoy History. At every stage of delivery, we seek meaningful opportunities to develop cultural capital with a particular focus on a local context. Whether it be the creation of a Roman settlement in Chester or the work of Alan Turing in the breaking of the enigma code, our curriculum delivery will seek to embrace where we live and those people who have shaped the society we enjoy today.


From the beginning of EYFS to the end of KS2, our curriculum is based on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and vocabulary with a focus on children knowing more and remembering more. Clear progression within and across year groups, as demonstrated in the progression grid, allows children to revisit, recap and build on prior learning helping them to embed skills and knowledge. It will be the clear intent of the curriculum to develop the necessary skills to enable children to develop as independent learners.


Progression Document for History