Rochdale Old Road, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 7SD

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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards


Senior Leadership Team
Mrs V Gilkey
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Subject Leader  for PE
Mrs K Tomlinson
Assistant Headteacher
Early Years and Key Stage One Leader
Safeguarding Team
EYFS Reception Teacher - Turtles Class
Mrs N Goff
Assistant Headteacher
Key Stage 2 Leader
Subject Leader for English
Safeguarding Team
Year 3 Teacher - Orangutans Class


 Teaching Staff

Mrs M Longworth
EYFS Nursery Teacher - Seahorses Class
Subject Leader for PSHE and R.E
Mrs N Carlson
Year 1 Teacher - Parrots Class
Wellbeing Lead
Subject Leader for Art and Design and Design and Technology
Mrs J Brown

       Year 2 Teacher - Jaguars Class

Subject Leader for Assessment and Curriculum

       Subject Leader for Mathematics

Miss C Ellison

      Year 3/4 Teacher - Orcas Class

      Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages and Music


Miss H Duffy

      Year 4/5 Teacher - Penguins Class

Subject Leader for Humanities (History and Geography)


Mr J Dempsey

Year 5/6 Teacher - Narwhals Class

Subject Leader for Computing

Mrs J Stuckey
Year 6 Teacher - Polar Bears Class
Subject Leader for Assessment and Curriculum
Subject Leader for Science
Miss R Woods

       Year 5/6 Teacher - Narwhals Class



Teaching Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Clark HLTA                                                                  

Mrs J Rowlands HLTA   

Mrs A Testa HLTA 

Mrs L Harrison HLTA   

Miss J Januleviciute HLTA  


Teaching and Learning Assistants                                                        

Mrs R Wilkinson                                                                                     

Mrs A Oddie                                                                                   

Miss S Taylor   

Mrs T Whealing

Miss E Hegarty  

Mrs A Howard 

Mrs F Giga   

Miss C Ball

Miss E O' Neill   

Miss A Oghagbon                                                                   



 Office and Welfare Staff

Mrs R Horton
School Business Manager

Mrs A Cummins

Mr P McGrath

Administrative Assistant


A Clarkson
Kitchen Supervisor
J Page
Mrs P Smith
Senior Midday Supervisor
Out of School Club worker
Mrs T Cryer
Midday Supervisor
Out of School Club Worker
Mr Jackson 
Midday Supervisor
Mrs E Wood
Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Duke
Midday Supervisor

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