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Happiness and High Standards

Autumn News

Friday Newsletter

Good afternoon,
Well we have made it to the end of our first full week back! I think there are some tired children, and staff, who are ready for their weekend! I am very impressed with the behaviour of the children so far. There is a very happy, calm feeling in school as we all settle back into the routines of school life.

I apologise that this week’s newsletter is filled with a LOT of important information and updates so please take time to read it carefully. Going forward, I will try to make them briefer!

I am slowly starting to learn the names of the children and am loving being met with such lovely smiles every day. My next challenge will be to learn which parents are linked to which child…you might need to bear with me on this one!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday for another week filled with happiness, high standards and success.
Kind regards,
Mrs. Gilkey


Covid updates

There is a sense of normality around school life now, which was much needed. However, it is clear that Covid is still prevalent in society. Within school we are maintaining the good hand hygiene, catch it/bin it/kill it with coughs and sneezes etc. To be fair, these practices should have all been in place prior to Covid but it has helped us reinforce these messages. 

In terms of isolation, the guidance for schools now is that unless we have a cluster outbreak in a class, we will not be closing classes. Therefore, we will not be informing parents of isolated cases.  This is obviously a huge shift from the last 18 months.  If your child displays any symptoms of Covid, please do a lateral flow test/take them for a PCR test. If the result is negative, the child can return to school. If positive, it will be a 10 day isolation for your child.  The rest of the class can remain in school.   We now need to move forward and as much as possible keep our children attending school in person!


Extra holiday

You may have heard on the news about the extra bank holiday that has been allocated next year for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Friday 3rd June 2022.  Fairfield, like most Bury schools, are already on half term on this date.  Therefore, the Local Authority have asked us to assign this extra date elsewhere in the school holiday pattern so that the children will attend school for 189 days this academic year, not the standard 190 days.

At Fairfield, we have allocated Monday 6th June as our extra day. School will therefore close on Friday 27th May for half term and reopen on Tuesday 7th June.



I have loved sitting with the children this week and having my lunch in the hall with them.  I have noticed a few lunch boxes that are very full though and are quite on the heavy side with sweet treats!  Please can I ask you to ensure that the lunch you send is a balanced meal, maybe with just one sweet treat for their dessert.    The children have 45 minutes for lunch and this is their time to eat and play outside with their friends.  I know as a parent, we all want to make sure that our child is not hungry but a child can often worry that they need to eat all their food and miss out on outdoor time as a result. 

The NHS change for life website below gives some great inspiration for lunches:

Lunchbox Ideas | Recipes | Change4Life (


Multisports after school club

From Wednesday 15th September, we will be offering a multisports session on a Wednesday after school from 3pm until 4pm. It is open to all children from Reception upwards and can be booked on through the Owl Club booking system for a cost of £3. Children will be released from the main office door at 4pm.  It is so exciting to be able to start offering extra-curricular activities again!


Music service taster session

We were treated on Thursday morning to a wonderful showcase of music from Bury music service.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and should have brought home a leaflet about music tuition.  If your child is interested in having a taster session on one of the instruments that Bury offer, please let the class teacher know on Monday 13th September, so that we can organise it for next week.


Release time and permission to collect

I feel that we are getting into the flow of the routines for the start and end of the day. Thank you for your support and understanding as we ironed out any initial teething problems.  Today, your child has brought home a letter about who has permission to collect them from school at the end of the day. Please can you return this by Wednesday 15th September at the latest. 


Data collection form

Thank you to everyone who has already returned their data collection form to confirm/update your contact information etc.  Reminder to return these asap but no later than 20th September


Celebration assembly

Today was our first whole school celebration assembly and it was lovely to hear about all the hard work that has been happening over the last week across school. Below are the names of our award winners-congratulations to you all!

 From next Friday, we are going to open up the doors of Fairfield again…hooray!  We are inviting parents in to attend our Friday assembly at 9:05am.  If you would like to come and celebrate the achievements with us, please just wait on the path by the main office gate at 9:00am and you will be invited in once the children are in their classes.  It should be finished by 9:30am. We would love to see you there!

Welcome back!


Good afternoon to you all,
I hope that you all had a wonderful summer break and that you are all excited that the children are back in school :-)

I will strive to send a newsletter/update each Friday with key dates, award winners and events in school etc.

This will start from next week but today I thought I would send over some background to who I am. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Have a wonderful weekend and lets see if the hot weather they are forecasting arrives!

Kind regards,
Mrs. Gilkey

Owl Club


Owl Club will be open from tomorrow. Opening hours will be 7.30am until 5.30pm. The booking system is not online until later this week. You can arrive at club tomorrow morning without a booking and then email school ( or speak to Owl Club staff to book in for the rest of the week. Thanks.



There will be no PE sessions this week. Children will need to come to school wearing uniform this week. Polar Bears (Y6) PE sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

September Arrangements


Good afternoon to you all.
I hope you have had a wonderful summer break, even if the weather has been confused as to what season we are in!
Please find below a letter with arrangements and details about the children starting school next Thursday, 2nd September.
Have a great bank holiday weekend and see you all soon!
Kind regards,
Mrs. Gilkey